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About Us

Bunyore Girls' High School is the academic hub of Vihiga County with the current student enrollment at 1,203. As a school, we strive to empower learners to reach their maximum potential through learner-centred educational programs that not only focus on scholastic excellence, but also enriches the students' social and spiritual life.

We have modern learning facilities and resources that enriches the learning experience of the learners. This makes us one of the premier girls' educational institutions, not only in the County, but also in Western Region.

School History

Founded in 1905 as a commercial training centre for girls who would be taught to live together as Christians and then go to nearby villages to teach Sunday School. In 1930, the Ludwigs (American) set up Kima Girls School under Church of God management.Learn more

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First-hand experience is always the best and that is why we encourage you to visit us. Visit our contact page and write to us or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us.


Bunyore Girls' High School is regarded as one of the highest achieving girls' schools in Kenya. Our Vision is to provide quality and total education to all girls who pass through the school.

We focus on the wholistic development of the learner through educational programs that not only focus on scholarly excellence, but also enrich the students' social and spiritual life.





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